Media Supply Chain Management

Media Supply Chain Management

The content preparation process is determined by the technical, operational, and financial parameters associated with each job. These parameters establish the appropriate processing applications a job requires, including the supporting resources. The Rally Media Supply Chain Management Service controls and optimizes the application and resources assigned to each job. It also arbitrates among different jobs competing for the same resources.

Rally Design

The Rally supply chain engine provides the ability to design a complete technical supply chain. The supply chain engine will recommend designs based upon the technical, operational, and financial parameters for each job. Recommendations also consider historic and real-time data associated with each parameter. A supply chain design can be automatically applied to all incoming content that meets certain criteria established by operators.

Rally Monitoring

Once a supply chain is designed and activated, Rally provides comprehensive operating metrics and status notifications to support Operations and Engineering. Notifications can also include process exceptions that require manual intervention. Configurable, real time dashboards provide views for every user category, including Engineering, Operations, Finance, and Accounting.