Operations and Financial Management

Operations & Financial Management

Accurate usage and cost information is fundamental to effective operations and financial management of the media supply chain. Cost is driven by the applications and infrastructure resources required to support each job processed. The Rally Media Supply Chain Management Service associates each content job, and its cost, with the specific content processed. This facilitates priority-based resource deployment, operations optimization, operating budget trade-offs, and improved financial planning.

Rally Usage Data

Rally tracks and logs everything it manages, including the identification of the content processed. Rally usage data and the corresponding reports generated by the system provide the basis for operations analysis, job costing, and cost assignment.

Rally Budgets and Planning

The usage and cost history data collected by Rally provides the basis for creating capital and operating expense budgets based upon the supply chain throughput. Financial planning becomes a high-level modeling exercise driven by corporate capital and content deployment strategies.

Rally Billing

The actual usage data reported by Rally also provides the basis for determining and controlling the Application Services sourced from SDVI each month.