Media Supply Chains

A media supply chain is the combination of technical resources, processes, people, suppliers, and information, required to prepare premium television or digital content for viewing by consumers. The product of a media supply chain is content that has been prepared in a certain way appropriate for viewing by an intended audience, at a specific time. Preparing premium content is complex and costly. Specialized applications require expensive infrastructure and knowledgeable personnel. This is changing rapidly, but most media facilities consist of over-provisioned systems dedicated to a limited number of programs. Dedicated physical assets result in poor capital utilization, and slow response to new, revenue-generating programming opportunities. Unexpected demand that exceeds available capacity requires more fixed capital, or inefficient access to 3rd party infrastructure providers. Comparing the cost and efficiency of internal, versus outsourced infrastructure options is difficult.

SDVI Rally™

New technology and business models have made it possible to significantly improve the flexibility and efficiency of media supply chains. SDVI Rally is a cloud-based service that manages and optimizes the application and infrastructure components of a media supply chain. The infrastructure resources managed by Rally can be located on premise, in a public cloud, in a private cloud, or in any combination. Supply chain optimization is based upon the technical, operational, and financial parameters associated with each job. The applications and infrastructure resources managed by Rally can also be sourced from SDVI.
Typical SDVI Rally Use Cases