Optimization and Modeling

Optimization & Modeling

Effective media supply chain management integrates and optimizes technical supply and demand within a media facility. An optimized facility has high asset utilization, and the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to new, revenue-generating programming opportunities. Facility optimization is based upon aggregated supply chain demand versus the available infrastructure. The Rally Supply Chain Management Service provides supply chain optimization and modeling as a feature of Rally Design. When combined with on premise resources, it will also enable enterprise-wide optimization and modeling capability.

Rally Optimization

Rally tracks and logs everything it manages, including Application Service cost and performance. It also tracks infrastructure resource type, cost, usage, and performance. Associating this data with the content processed, enables Rally to automatically optimize a supply chain based upon any one of several factors including resource utilization, budget, programming priority, air dates, or performance. Rally selects the most appropriate Application Services, infrastructure resources, and environment to satisfy the specified optimization.

Rally Modeling

New programming will require new supply chains. Prior to deployment of new programming, Rally can model the supply chain alternatives for the purpose of determining the most effective and efficient content preparation strategy.