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Careers at SDVI

Why Join SDVI?

You are looking for your next big challenge. You want to see the results of your hard work, are ready to do it on your terms, and are looking for a company that welcomes your talent no matter where you live.

We are SDVI, a cutting-edge SaaS developer for Media & Entertainment, and we believe that the ideal company is a tight-knit team pursuing excellence and having fun along the way. We are a completely distributed company, with staff based around the globe, looking to grow our team of A-level developers, architects, and account managers. Are you ready to join us?

What We’re About

SDVI is engaged in an exciting challenge: bringing the benefits of cloud-enabled technology to world-class Media & Entertainment companies. The media industry is in the midst of a radical shift: content is streamed to individuals wherever they are – in their living room, in their lap, or in the palm of their hand. SDVI is at the center of this transformation.

SDVI is the market leader in its space, and we’re pursuing an aggressive company growth strategy. We’re partnered with global industry leaders, including Discovery, Fox, Sky, Turner, and others. Many of these customers are also investors: they truly need the technologies we’re developing and work closely with our teams to get it right.

We Offer Robust Benefits

SDVI respects the individual needs of employees and is an equal opportunity employer. We check all of your boxes in terms of stability and generous benefits.


Highly Competitive

Unlimited Vacation

Medical, Vision, and
Dental Benefits

Work from

What Makes
You a Good Fit

You are an A-level player who wants to work with other A-level players. You can thrive in an Agile environment where engineers talk directly to their users and immediately see how your work is making a real difference. You appreciate commitment to best practices – solving problems the right way, not just any way.

You want to be part of a team that respects individuals and their work. You can work independently and maintain focus. You enjoy working on enterprise-scale projects, or you are ready to take on that challenge. You consider the big picture and your contribution to it.

What We’re Like

If we do say so ourselves, we are smart, competitive, responsible, creative, and fun. We enjoy big challenges and excellence in our work. We value a supportive team culture, and we expect our staff to maintain a strong work/life balance, because good people are the difference between a satisfactory job and a great job. We’ve found that the sharpest and most creative people also tend to be the most fun. A great sense of humor is highly valued around here – that’s what keeps our energy up and makes us look forward to working together each day.

And we do work closely together every day, even though we don’t share an office. As a completely distributed company, we each work in the place that makes the most sense for us, whether at home, on the road, in a shared business workspace… the possibilities are really up to you. We’ve created an infrastructure that makes the distributed work environment work for our teams.

  • Video chat tools for easy face-to-face interaction
  • Daily, focused standups to stay on-target and connected
  • Technology stipends to support your productive work environment

We also bring our staff together for quarterly in-person meetings that include team dinners and group activities. These meetings let us have some fun together and build stronger relationships. Our team agrees: these kinds of details are what make SDVI a great place to work.

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