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Rally Gateway

Customizable Supply Chain Portals

Make the interactions that operational staff need to have with their supply chains more relevant, efficient, and focused on only what’s needed by enabling the fast deployment of customized portals used by either internal or external personnel.

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Enable efficient, relevant
supply chain experiences.

Many users within supply chain operations only need to see information related to their specific jobs. Any information that is not relevant to their job is either a distraction or a burden. With Rally Gateway, media companies can quickly build custom portals for different types of users to interact with only the part of the supply chain that is relevant to them, enabling highly targeted interactions and exposing only what you want users to see.

Fast customization for
specific users

Simplified interactions
with only relevant

Efficient task
management for
manual processes

How it works

The Rally Gateway widget framework enables supply chain managers to quickly build or modify custom interfaces for operators or third-party partners without modifying any underlying code.

Quickly develop a portal for a specific audience or user group using a library of customizable widgets and page design tools to expose relevant information and hide complexity.

Accelerate customization with a web page builder that enables you to quickly select colors, styles, and layouts and add graphic elements, such as logos.

Provide manual workorder information to specific users when triggered by a supply chain, enabling users to know what task to do next.

Create specific portals for business partners with pre-defined acceptable formats, metadata requirements, and QC reports to standardize the receipt or delivery of content.

Develop custom user interfaces and user experiences without requiring any custom development work on the underlying Rally platform.

The deployment of the Rally Gateway has allowed us to provide a solution to a business ask for cloud storage management tools in weeks instead of months.

Don Jarvis
Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology
A+E Networks

Rally Gateway in action

The Rally media supply chain management platform gives engineers and managers a single environment for building, operating, and optimizing their media supply chains. Rally deploys all the infrastructure needed for every supply chain task, and adapts automatically to changes in demand, ensuring optimal supply chain performance and resource utilization.

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