Introducing SDVI

Introducing SDVI

Introducing SDVI

Today I’m very excited to announce the formation of a new company, SDVI Corporation. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. More recently I decided to take the steps necessary to establish a company capable of turning thoughts in to reality. Now it’s time to let people know what I’m doing.

SDVI will provide software solutions to address the needs of technical facilities in the Media and Entertainment industry, with a focus on making them more agile, flexible and efficient.

The industry is in an unprecedented time of change, and SDVI will capitalize on significant advances in IT technology that enable innovative new approaches to video facility design and management. For example, Software Defined Networks (SDN’s) will provide a revolutionary degree of IP network control ideally suited to video applications.

In the near future (and to a much greater extent than possible today) media facility functionality will be defined in software, mirroring the broader trends in the IT industry towards software defined data centers. SDVI will combine these technological shifts with intimate knowledge of media workflows, to provide revolutionary solutions to content owners, distributors and media facilities.

Over the years, organizations involved with creating, producing, managing and monetizing content have become increasingly embroiled in an arms race of building and maintaining technical facilities to support their services, when their ultimate desire is to focus their resources on their core business of creating and monetizing content. SDVI will help them to do this.

Let the virtual video infrastructure revolution begin!



25 thoughts on “Introducing SDVI

  1. Steve Berg

    Congrats Larry – looking forward to see what you can do with SVDI! I love the concept of mirroring what is happening in IT – things have definitely changed dramatically in the last few years!

  2. Paul Berliner

    Good news Larry, and congratulations. The industry is getting more complex, exponentially. Any movement towards simplification, with the ability to concentrate on core business and workflow, will certainly be a welcome adddition.

  3. Jennie Evans

    I was keen to talk to you further about this when I saw you at David MacGregor’s birthday party recently, but it was pretty difficult. Huge congratulations and looking forward to seeing how it progresses. Best wishes, Jennie

  4. Jean Luc Liaud

    Hi Larry,
    Nice to see your rebirth for a new challenge! Pitch seem exactly where Broadcast industry is waiting for new ideas and talent, as the Omneon challenge!
    Congrats and I will follow your news at IBC
    Best wishes -JLuc

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