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SDVI Integrates AWS Media Intelligence Solutions Into Rally Media Supply Chain Platform

SUNNYVALE, Calif.March 23, 2021 — SDVI, the leading supplier of cloud-native media supply chain solutions, today announced that its Rally Media Supply Chain Platform integrates and manages Amazon Web Services (AWS) Media Intelligence (MI) solutions. AWS MI solutions allow organizations to analyze their media content, discover new insights and opportunities, and increase the lifetime value of the content. These solutions make it easy to add machine learning (ML) to media content workflows and enables customers to deploy smarter and more efficient supply chains. As part of the AWS MI solutions launch today, SDVI is highlighting the use of AWS ML services to optimize media supply chains with enhanced content search and discovery, captioning and localization, compliance and brand safety, and content monetization, all managed and tracked by the Rally platform.

The collaboration with AWS builds on an existing relationship that has already delivered Emmy® Award-winning results to customers. Together, the companies are providing a complete media supply chain in the cloud, enabling customers to migrate media workloads from ingest to delivery while gaining visibility into the processes and costs associated with every step of the supply chain. Integrating ML services into the supply chain means that customers can take advantage of AWS tools to automate many content analysis tasks, speeding up processes such as quality control and content localization and streamlining the manual operations that might be needed.

The integration of Rally and AWS MI solutions means that supply chains created in Rally can have process steps that create jobs for specific AWS ML services, such as Amazon Rekognition or Amazon Transcribe. Rally triggers the start of each job, monitors progress, and stores the resulting metadata for use downstream in the supply chain. For example, Rally can invoke an Amazon Rekognition job to identify all of the black segments in a video asset and then pass that information on to an editor for adjustment using timed metadata to help the editor quickly jump directly to the segments requiring attention.

“Having a tight integration between the Rally Media Supply Chain Platform and AWS Media Intelligence solutions gives our customers even more ways to optimize their media supply chains and streamline operations,” said Simon Eldridge, chief product officer for SDVI.

“Leveraging leading machine learning capabilities to accelerate the process of analyzing video and extracting important metadata means that the human portion of any media supply chain will be more productive and efficient. This integration illustrates how our customers are using Rally and AWS to dramatically increase the amount of content they can push through a cloud-based media supply chain.”

Learn more about the Rally media supply chain management platform.


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