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SDVI Extends Presence Into Latin America With Appointment of Nahuel Villegas as Vice President of Sales for the Region

In this new role at SDVI, Villegas will pursue its long-term initiative to bring significant industry transformation to media companies in Lain Latin America...

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More Broadcasters Adopting Cloud-based Production

When ‘virtual’ is all you have, making it work is everything.

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Cutting-Edge Uses for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning In Streaming

An overview of AI/ML tools available for media workflows and how companies are streamlining the media supply chain using these tools.

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Why Media Supply Chain Optimization Is Vital

The Media Supply Chain can be defined as the people, organizations, audio and video assets, data, infrastructure, and processes involved in preparing content for distribution.

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M&E Industry Getting Serious About Sustainability

Can video streaming reach zero carbon emissions by 2040?

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It’s a Wrap: Highlights from the 2022 Spring TV Tech Summit

Experts from a wide range of M&E tech companies discuss current and future trends

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Continued Growth in SDVI Rally Platform Usage Shows How Media Companies Are Accelerating Their Move to the Cloud

SDVI today disclosed that its Rally media supply chain platform processed over 300 million jobs in 2021, representing a 102% increase in usage over 2020.

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Technology Showcase: Media Asset Management

From powerful new tools to further workflow optimisation, media asset management (MAM) technologies continue to evolve. David Davies speaks to a quartet of vendors about their innovations.

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SDVI to offset carbon footprint for Rally platform usage

SDVI said it intends to provide regular reporting of carbon emissions associated with operating the Rally platform to each customer.

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SDVI Unveils Sustainability Program For Rally Cloud Platform

The program ensures carbon-neutrality for its Rally platform going back 13 months.

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SDVI Unveils Sustainability Program to Create Net-Zero Supply Chains for All Customers

SDVI unveils an ambitious new sustainability program that makes all usage of the Rally media supply chain optimization platform completely carbon neutral.

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Virtualization Expands, Moving Off-Prem

Vendors say broadcasters are increasingly looking to expand virtualization of their operations across the whole chain, and they’re also seeking to take that virtualization off-premises.

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Journey to a Modern Media Supply Chain

Explore the benefits of an optimized, cloud-based media supply chain, and what it takes to get there.

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