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What’s in store for the media tech industry in 2023: Cloud, security, FAST and ad-tech

From how it will shape production to security and its impact on advertising technology, the industry is embracing the cloud like never before.

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Hailing That Storage in the Sky

People have become much more comfortable with the reliability, security, and affordability of the cloud for content archives.

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SDVI Expands North America Sales Leadership

Adler and Harahan will lead the company’s engagement with customers in the U.S. and Canada, helping customers optimize their media supply chains in the cloud.

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Establishing Clear Cloud Security Postures

Explore what media companies need to understand about the development of a proper security posture as workflows increasingly move to the cloud.

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Supply Chain Challenges: “Everything is More Complicated Now”

Worsening geopolitical instability and the long tail of the pandemic are among the factors ensuring that the supply chain crisis continues to be a ‘hot button’ issue for broadcast vendors.

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High-Volume Content Localisation

How a cloud-based media supply chain enables agile resource management to deliver compelling culturally relevant content.

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How the Cloud is Shaking Up Modern Media Supply Chains

The cloud is interconnecting players across the supply chain in ways previously thought impossible while also optimising processes and providing unprecedented agility to scale and innovate.

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SDVI to Highlight Rally Enhancements at IBC2022

The SDVI stand will showcase the latest developments in media supply chain optimization, including net-zero emissions and SDVI's role in the IBC Accelerator "Cloud Localization Blueprint".

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SDVI Extends Presence Into Latin America With Appointment of Nahuel Villegas as Vice President of Sales for the Region

In this new role at SDVI, Villegas will pursue its long-term initiative to bring significant industry transformation to media companies in Lain Latin America...

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More Broadcasters Adopting Cloud-based Production

When ‘virtual’ is all you have, making it work is everything.

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Cutting-Edge Uses for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning In Streaming

An overview of AI/ML tools available for media workflows and how companies are streamlining the media supply chain using these tools.

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Why Media Supply Chain Optimization Is Vital

The Media Supply Chain can be defined as the people, organizations, audio and video assets, data, infrastructure, and processes involved in preparing content for distribution.

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Journey to a Modern Media Supply Chain

Explore the benefits of an optimized, cloud-based media supply chain, and what it takes to get there.

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