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SDVI Joins TPN+ Registry of Trusted Partners

TPN Membership Reinforces the Security Posture of the Rally Media Supply Chain Platform

SDVI, the leading platform provider for cloud-native media supply chains, today announced that, following its participation in the TPN Cloud Pilot in 2022, the company’s Rally media supply chain platform is now a member of the re-launched Trusted Partner Network (TPN).

The TPN, wholly owned by the Motion Picture Association, maintains the MPA Content Security Best Practices to establish a single benchmark of security preparedness and provides a registry of global “trusted partners” as a central source of truth, the TPN+ platform, where content owners can view and search for service providers by service type and security status and use this information to make risk-based decisions effectively and independently.

“As media supply chains become more complex and interconnected, content partners need to know their content is safe at every step in the chain,” said Jeff Beachy, chief technical officer and chief information security officer for SDVI. “SDVI is committed to maintaining the highest security standards, and we are pleased to have participated in the TPN Cloud Pilot to help TPN expand the program to include applications such as Rally, with the logical next step of joining TPN membership with the re-launch in February this year. We will continue to maintain our SOC 2 certification and can share both SOC 2 and TPN security status with content owners through the TPN+ platform.”

“Today’s media environment changes rapidly, with viewer demand and destination platforms constantly evolving,” noted Terri Davies, president of the Trusted Partner Network. “Media companies want to respond quickly but must also ensure they’re delivering a quality product. Because SDVI is an active TPN member, the SDVI Rally platform security status is now communicated and visible to content owners to ensure the integrity of content as it makes its way through the media supply chain.”

In addition to achieving the TPN+ Blue Shield status, SDVI is also certified by the AICPA as SOC 2 Type-2 compliant, with annual audits to maintain SOC 2 certification.

Further information about SDVI and the company’s Rally media supply chain platform is available at More information about the Motion Picture Association and the organization’s Trusted Partner Network is available at

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