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SDVI to Highlight Rally Enhancements at 2023 NAB Show

At the 2023 NAB Show, SDVI will demonstrate how its Rally media supply chain management platform enables media companies to optimize every step of their supply chains, from content receipt to delivery, to achieve true business agility, operational efficiency, and increased intelligence about their media operations. SDVI will highlight capabilities added to the Rally platform over the past several months, including support for the unique demands of studio content delivery, and showcase the wide variety of Rally use cases that boost value in media operations.

Highlights for SDVI at NAB Show

Rally Media Supply Chain Optimization Platform
SDVI’s Rally media supply chain platform enables optimization from ingest through delivery, empowering media organizations to provide the entertainment experiences audiences demand — faster, more economically, and more sustainably. Rally not only deploys all the applications and infrastructure needed to create a dynamic, responsive, cloud-enabled media supply chain but also orchestrates all supply chain actions. From content receipt to content distribution, Rally gives companies a uniquely comprehensive management platform for driving agility, efficiency, and intelligence in their media operations. Through its Net-Zero Supply Chains initiative, SDVI reduces the carbon footprint for media operations that run on Rally supply chains and offsets any remainder, including all third-party applications. As a result, SDVI customers can build and operate every one of their Rally supply chains, knowing that the associated carbon impact is being mitigated for them.

In its 2023 NAB Show booth, SDVI will focus on the breadth and depth of the Rally platform, including its relevance to both broadcasters and movie studios. Recent updates to the platform include support for 4K, HDR, and IMF, which major studios need for their content delivery supply chains. SDVI has also added new asset hierarchy to Rally, enabling support for MovieLabs 2030 Vision and its Ontology for Media Creation. Rally has achieved Blue-level certification with TPN+, which signifies that the security posture of Rally is acceptable for MPAA members.

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Image Caption: Build supply chains from content ingest to content delivery with Rally.

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“Rally is unique in its ability to optimize every step of the media supply chain. At this year’s NAB Show, we look forward to showcasing how our unique platform enables media organizations to derive maximum value across all stages of content preparation. We’re also eager to catch up with friends, colleagues, and customers and to discuss the latest technological advances, and especially the ways that cloud-native, AI-enabled workflows are bringing greater efficiency, agility, and intelligence to media workflows.”
— Geoff Stedman, CMO, SDVI

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