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at Booth W2313

April 14 – 17, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Booth W2313

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Supply chain optimization for:

Content Processing

Increase throughput while reducing media handling costs with smarter, more efficient content receipt. Automate content verification. Intelligently route content. Use metadata to focus people on only the content that requires their review.  These efficiencies streamline receipt, removing unnecessary processing time and effort.

Content Versioning

The demand for content across markets, regions, audiences is growing at a rapid pace. Media organizations can realize faster time to revenue and minimize additional costs with scalable infrastructure available on demand, automation that focusses people only on the jobs that requires their attention, and orchestration to manage the process and provide detailed cost metrics.

Content Modification

Manual edits are an essential part of media supply chains, and the new Rally Access Workstation is a fully managed edit-in-the-cloud solution enabling anytime, anywhere access to Adobe Premiere Pro on hosted workstations. With Rally Access Workstation, users can access a licensed instance of Premiere Pro on a cloud-based virtual workstation with all content preloaded in the bin as well as markers on the timeline corresponding to workorder items that need attention.

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