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Modernize and monetize your archive

Are you getting the most out of your content archives? Is it time to consider a cloud-based archive migration?

It’s not uncommon for content to be stored on tape and on disk across multiple on-prem storage systems. It’s also not uncommon for that content to have limited metadata. That makes finding content difficult, and it limits your ability to use that content to support new opportunities.

We’ve partnered with and Piksel on an archive migration and monetization solution that can put your archive to work.

In a new solution brief, we’ve defined a path for archive migration and enrichment, enabling you to build media supply chains that migrate your archive to cloud storage, register the newly uploaded assets into the Rally Media Supply Chain Platform, and run Piksel deduplication analysis to reduce your cloud storage footprint. The result is a space-optimized cloud-based content archive with all asset metadata contained in Rally, ready for any monetization workflow.

Check out the full Solution Brief here.

Want to discuss applying this solution to your archives? Reach out to start the conversation.

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