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The Broadcaster’s Challenge

At a time when people expect to access rich premium content wherever they want, on whatever device they want, traditional broadcasters face a significant challenge. They have to be present and accessible on those platforms to retain audience, but doing so has significant cost, workflow duplication and complexity. All without the comparable financial benefit their traditional platforms generate.

Why should every additional platform you support increase your workload exponentially? Why should you have to provision new infrastructure to support these peaks when they will sit idle much of the time? And how can you make the provisioning and preparation of content for these ever changing platforms intelligent and automated?

Broadcasters core business is creating and monetizing content, but over decades of technological advancement they have necessarily built large, complex technical facilities that run five nines 24×7 operations, and sometimes now employ as many technical people to run the plant as they may for the creative process. It’s not what they set out to do.

Parallel technical innovation in the broader IT space, and specifically in the cloud, has already begun transforming numerous other industries, automating and virtualizing wherever possible, shaving precious time off of launching and supporting new services, and providing a solid understanding of business processes through deep data analysis. Broadcasters will adopt these technologies as their own at some point, as soon as they are assured that their unique requirements can be accommodated on these modern platforms.

Solving these challenges and revolutionizing the content preparation and distribution world holds rich rewards. Quickening time to revenue by spinning up services quicker, increasing utilization of infrastructure through hybrid cloud-burst technology, and decreasing overall capital expenditure on depreciating assets. All ultimately allowing increased investment in the core business of making outstanding content that people want to watch.

Our customers have set us the challenge of solving these problems, and that’s what we are uniquely placed to do

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