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SDVI to Highlight Rally Enhancements at IBC2022

SDVI is heading to IBC2022 at the Amsterdam RAI to reconnect with colleagues, partners, and customers from across the industry. The company’s stand (5.C69) will showcase the latest developments in media supply chain optimization, including net-zero emissions and new additions to the company’s already powerful Rally platform. The company will also introduce new partners in the Rally application services ecosystem and provide examples of business transformation enabled by the SDVI Rally media supply chain platform. In the days leading up to IBC2022, SDVI will release news on specific Rally enhancements and partnerships being debuted at the show.


Highlights for SDVI at IBC2022

SDVI Participating in IBC’s 2022 Accelerator Media Innovation Program

SDVI is proud to be an integral part of the IBC’s 2022 Accelerator Media Innovation Project “Cloud Localization Blueprint” along with several other leading vendors. This project, championed by Warner Bros. Discovery, The Pokemon Company International, and ITV, defines a best practices approach for building a cloud-based media supply chain for the localization of entertainment content.

The goal of IBC’s Accelerator program is to support the media and entertainment industry with a framework for agile, collaborative, and fast-track innovation through a multicompany, project-based approach to solving complex business and technology challenges. SDVI shares the goal of agile, collaborative innovation and is happy to join in this endeavor to revitalize the media supply chain with its Rally platform, which enables supply chain operators to manage the whole “system” rather than a collection of its parts.

Learn more about IBC’s Accelerator program and SDVI’s contribution here:


Rally Media Supply Chain Optimization Platform

SDVI will showcase Rally Insight and Rally Connect, two new companion services to its market-leading media supply chain optimization platform, Rally. Rally Insight is a data analytics and visualization service that helps operators understand how their supply chains are running by turning supply chain data into interactive graphical dashboards. Rally Connect is a content exchange service that simplifies and accelerates the process of receiving and delivering content and metadata between supply chain partners. These two services extend the value of the Rally platform in ways that are meaningful to supply chain optimization: first, by adding new levels of intelligence to help spot optimization opportunities, and second, by interconnecting supply chains between business partners to eliminate duplicate work as content moves from one company to another.


Rally Insight Data Analytics and Visualization

The Rally Insight data analytics and visualization service brings supply chain data to life in the form of interactive charts and dashboards. Turning mundane supply chain data into rich graphical visualizations, Rally Insight helps supply chain operators quickly spot issues in their supply chains, identify areas of improvement, and better understand how their infrastructure is being utilized. With accurate, granular cost and usage data, Rally users can better understand the true cost of content preparation, improve accountability with more relevant reporting, and make better-informed decisions about taking on new projects.


Rally Connect Content and Metadata Exchange

The Rally Connect content exchange service makes it easy for partners to set up ingest or delivery profiles that streamline the movement of content and metadata. Eliminating duplicate processing and reducing friction across the supply chain, Rally Connect dramatically improves media organizations’ efficiency and agility in bringing content to new platforms.


Rally Application Services

The applications used to process content as it moves from step to step are a key part of any media supply chain. Rally makes these applications available as on-demand, consumption-based services; users can choose the tools needed for a job and spin them up or down as needed, paying only for what they use. The list of available Rally application services will reach 50 by the time IBC2022 takes place. This robust and continually growing partner ecosystem will be another highlight of the SDVI IBC2022 presence.


Net-Zero Supply Chains

SDVI this year introduced Net-Zero Supply Chains, formally making complete carbon-neutrality a standard and permanent feature of its cloud-based Rally media supply chain optimization platform. Under this award-winning sustainability initiative, usage of the Rally platform going back to the beginning of 2021 is rendered completely carbon-neutral, and all SDVI customers benefit from permanent, ongoing carbon offsets for all Rally platform usage, including all third-party media applications used as part of a Rally-managed supply chain. As a result, SDVI customers can build and operate every one of their media supply chains knowing that the associated carbon impact is being mitigated.


Company Quote:

headshot of SDVI Chief Marketing Officer Geoff Stedman
SDVI Chief Marketing Officer Geoff Stedman

“Being able to re-engage through in-person events has reminded me of the power of personal relationships and direct engagement with colleagues and partners. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to reconnect at IBC2022, to talk about all that’s happened for the industry since we last met, and to discuss ways that solutions including our Rally platform are enabling the future of content preparation and delivery.”

— Geoff Stedman, CMO, SDVI

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