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at Booth #216

Exhibition: October 24-27, 2022

Visit us at Booth #216. Free

Exhibits pass code: SMPTE216

Meet with Simon Adler and Geoff Stedman at the SMPTE Media Technology Summit 2022 and learn about the latest innovations in the Rally media supply chain platform.

Highlights for SDVI at the SMPTE Media Technology Summit:

Rally Insight

Data analytics service for media supply chains

Accurate, granular cost and usage data enable you to better understand the true cost of your content preparation, improve accountability with more relevant reporting, and make more informed decisions about taking on new projects. Learn more.

Rally Connect

Content and metadata exchange service

The Rally Connect content exchange service simplifies and accelerates the process of receiving and delivering content and metadata between business partners in a broader media supply chain—from content producers to content owners, content distributors, and aggregators. Learn more.

Net-Zero Supply Chains

Earlier this year, SDVI rolled out a new sustainability program, enabling customers to achieve net-zero supply chains this year. The new SDVI program offsets emissions from both the operation of the Rally platform as well as the emissions from third-party Application Services running on the Rally platform, meaning Rally-managed supply chains are completely carbon neutral. Learn more.

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