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Completeing Edit Tasks

Optimizing Media Operations: Integrating Edit Into the Supply Chain

When something isn’t quite right with a piece of media and a manual edit is needed, using Adobe Premiere Pro to complete edit tasks has meant bringing the content to a local workstation, then rendering the new asset in the cloud again for the supply chain to continue. What if there were no movement of content to local workstations for any type of edit? We now have a solution for that.
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Computer User Interface Framed By Top And Left Control Menus, With Large Green Circles Containing Icons, Connected By Gray Lines

Rally Updates Mean More Intuitive and Efficient Operability

A variety of updates over the last quarter make the Rally platform even more intuitive and efficient for content preparation and delivery. The most notable of these: an update for building front-end applications and user interfaces, benefitting operators working in virtually every area of the Rally Core application. And new in the Application Services Market: new releases and features from best-in-class media processing apps.
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