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Media Supply Chain Transition

I’m on a plane to IBC, and it occurred to me that it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. Our apologies. We’ve been very busy.

SDVI previewed SDVI Rally™ at NAB, and the company has been buried ever since. In the early Omneon days, it seemed like there was a specific point in time when our approach clicked, and customer interest took-off like a rocket ship. It’s starting to happen again with SDVI. The industry is beginning to embrace the idea that the media facility of the future is simply a virtualized supply chain. Processing applications are presented to operations as application services that can be procured on demand. Compute, storage, and networking resources are pooled, and assigned as technically and commercially appropriate for each program. A different world. A much more agile and efficient world. The need for a supply chain manager is becoming apparent, and we find ourselves well positioned.

On the company front, SDVI has grown to having employees in five states and two countries. Our first customers, Fox and Discovery, are now in production using SDVI Rally. In addition, Fox, Discovery and Turner have also made strategic investments in SDVI, and now have seats on our Board. Certainly the investments are appreciated, but frankly, the insights and shared experience regarding the supply chain transition are priceless.

As always, we’re looking forward to IBC. It’s heartening to see the numerous industry initiatives regarding interoperability. Credit to VSF, DPP, and the AIMS Alliance. In an era where suppliers become supply chain components, working together is critical. While IP interoperability is fundamental, the industry needs to move up the stack. If we’re all components of a supply chain, it means more than just the transition from SDI to IP.

API interoperability is next on our list of things to address. As a supply chain manager, we are certainly talking about this with our customers and application partners. We’d like to talk with you, too. Please stop by and see us at IBC. We are again being hosted by our good friends at AWS (Stand 5.C80).

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