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Media Supply Chain Transformation is Your Competitive Advantage

Providing agility, efficiency, and intelligence through a cloud-native media supply chain optimization platform.

Optimize Your Media Operations


Respond to new revenue opportunities faster with a secure, elastic infrastructure that automatically scales to meet changes in demand.


Right-size your workloads and reduce costs by assigning resources appropriate to the value of the content.


Assess the status and cost of every project, model the value of any new deal, and gain transparency with predictable per-minute billing.

Optimizing from Ingest to Distribution

SDVI Rally is supply chain optimization robust enough for the most demanding media environments, yet flexible enough for companies of all sizes.

Journey to a Modern Media Supply Chain

Explore the benefits of an optimized, cloud-based approach.

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Agile supply chain infrastructure enables leading media companies to innovate around their customer experience.

“When we go to sign new deals for content and launch new services… we know exactly what our costs will be and we can factor that information into the deal and into our launch.”

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“SDVI allows us the flexibility and scalability to create new linear and direct-to-consumer products exponentially faster than we could in the past.”

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“The deployment of the Rally Gateway has allowed us to provide a solution to a business ask for cloud storage management tools in weeks instead of months.”

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Production Team

“If you want to get up and running quickly across multiple regions, as we did, then Rally is the ideal platform.”

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SDVI Rally Delivers Business Agility

Automatic Supply Chain Optimization

Build supply chains based on technical, operational, and financial parameters, and automatically apply to all applicable content.

Provision Resources Dynamically

SDVI Rally automatically deploys all the infrastructure and applications needed to create and operate a dynamic, responsive media supply chain.

Understand Resource Cost And Content Value

Track and predict unit-level costs to understand alternatives prior to deployment of new projects.

On-demand Sourcing Of Applications

Application services are available on demand as required by the supply chain, with commercial flexibility using both opex and capex models.

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