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Media Supply Chain Optimization: 2017 By the Numbers

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  • 01/02/2018
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Media supply chain efficiency isn’t something that you install on a server or subscribe to using a website. It takes a media company that is dedicated to eliminating as much over-provisioning and wasted resources as possible. It also takes a platform that provides the control and insight needed to make smart decisions regarding content processing. It’s not enough just to monitor the digital processing “factory floor,” you need a supply chain management system that provides timely and actionable information, plus the “factory levers” to adjust as needed.

Rally customers have complete visibility into, and control of, their media processing environment. So much so that they may go a little over the top when speaking about the efficiency gains and cost controls they’ve achieved—especially when looking at the year end numbers. These stats were provided to us by a Rally customer who also included some helpful comparisons to put their 2017 numbers in perspective.


The number of separate media files submitted to the supply chain automatically. If each of those deliveries arrived on an HDCAM SR videotape, they would take up enough space to fill five dump trucks. Stacked end to end those tapes would be slightly taller than Mount Everest. If you un-spooled those tapes and strung them out, they would be two and a half times longer than the Amazon river.


The number of hours of television represented by those 33,985 submissions. To watch all of it, you’d have to binge watch for 234 straight days, 24 hours a day.


The number of independent suppliers that contributed incoming content. If just one person from each supplier dressed up as Albert Einstein and stood together in the same place, it would smash the Guinness World Records listing for co-located Einstein impersonators with only 304.


The number of media files delivered by Rally during their busiest week (not including weeks in December, which go higher.) It would take one UPS driver 10.5 days to make 1255 deliveries.


The number of media files in cloud storage. That would fill up the memory on over 19,000 standard iPhones.


The number of media submissions automatically rejected for not adhering to facility requirements. Across his entire 19-year career, Shaquille O’Neal only rejected 2,732 shots.


The number of jobs completed in Rally. That’s a job for every employee of Home Depot, Kroger, and Target combined.

All credit and thanks to our customer statistician for this info. Given the detailed information that Rally provides on every step of the media supply chain, there was certainly more time spent coming up with the comparisons than the numbers themselves. Let us know if you’d like to have your own media supply chain stats to report. The comparisons aren’t managed by Rally, so you’ll have to come up with those on your own.

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