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Media Supply Chain Solutions: What Should You Look For?

While the media supply chain needn’t be overly complex, it isn’t always as simple as some companies’ marketing would suggest. Every day media companies manage a great deal of variety and inconsistency, as well as numerous exceptions. But with the knowledge and tools to accommodate those factors and process variable content, a company can make its media supply chain hum. We've compiled a list of 10 things you should look for when evaluating a media supply chain solution.
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Optimizing Media Operations: Streamlining Localization Within Your Supply Chain

For most media companies, adapting content for wide, cross-cultural consumption is the most expensive and time-consuming part of media operations. Luckily, many of the required tasks can be automated and executed on cloud-based infrastructure. Here, we take a look at the subtitling and dubbing workflows as implemented by a major European broadcaster using the Rally platform.
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Completeing Edit Tasks

Optimizing Media Operations: Integrating Edit Into the Supply Chain

When something isn’t quite right with a piece of media and a manual edit is needed, using Adobe Premiere Pro to complete edit tasks has meant bringing the content to a local workstation, then rendering the new asset in the cloud again for the supply chain to continue. What if there were no movement of content to local workstations for any type of edit? We now have a solution for that.
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Getting Exactly What You Want From Your Media Supply Chain

Composable media supply that even possible? Within the Rally platform, you build supply chains to run on composable infrastructure that’s based on the work that needs to get done, the applications that need to be run, and the tasks that need to be completed. Because the supply chain is composed to meet your specific workflow requirements, there are no limits, no constraints.
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Improve Margins, Reduce Risk: Drive FAST Channel Content Prep With Your Optimized Media Supply Chain

Global demand for FAST channels is growing, offering viewers the free content they want in a lean-back experience reminiscent of traditional linear television. FAST channels offer a fresh way to leverage owned assets. But because these channels operate on slimmer margins, media companies must process and prepare content as quickly and economically as possible. How does your media supply chain help?
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