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The latest SDVI news and perspectives on cloud-based media supply chains.

What do SDVI's 2022 numbers tell us about M&E supply chains? Organizations continue to move to the cloud to increase business agility, leading users to take advantage of the Rally platform's flexibility and intelligent optimization.

2022 By the Numbers

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  • 03/10/2023
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How do you optimize a supply chain that requires sophisticated specialized media processing? The answer lies in automation and intelligent orchestration that allows formerly manual repetitive tasks can be automated, accelerated, and scaled to meet any level of demand.

Automating the Media Factory of the Future

If you’re unable to get content from point A to point B quickly, you may not be able to deliver on a deal. What does it take to make your media supply chain resilient? How can you ensure that it is reliable, available, and scalable?

The Value of Resiliency

Designed to help operators do their jobs more efficiently, these updates surface advanced job and workflow details, making it easier for users to find the info they need even within data-dense interfaces.

Rally Updates in Q4 2022 Geared to Operator Efficiency, Reflect User Feedback

As we near the end of 2022, we look back at some big themes from the past year and how they will impact the media business in 2023. What's on the horizon? Broader monetization of content and expansion of global reach.

Race to the Top: An Outlook for 2023

Fast, cost-effective content localization enables media organizations to move faster in delivering culturally relevant content to new markets and audiences. Leveraging the agility and efficiency of virtualized cloud infrastructure, media companies always have access to the resources they need to say yes to more global content projects.

Keeping Up with Global Demand for Culturally Relevant Content

The media industry is undergoing a radical transformation. It’s more important than ever to be able to make fast decisions, execute efficiently, and shorten time-to-revenue. Media companies face an infrastructure imperative: embrace virtualization and a cloud model or risk not being able to deliver what consumers want.

Today, Infrastructure Virtualization is a Digital Imperative

Updates to Rally in Q3 2022 included control enhancements, improvements for ease-of-use, and numerous updates to the Rally Application Services ecosystem. This past quarter, SDVI has not only added new providers to that ecosystem but also augmented the platform to support new functionality and use cases with existing providers.

Rally Updates in Q3 2022 Include Supply Chain Certification, New Application Services

Rally Application Services utilize the same consumption economics as the infrastructure running them. Andy Brinck shows how that reduces friction for media companies and allows freedom to experiment.

The Value of the Rally Application Services Ecosystem

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